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Digitally Irresistible

Sep 27, 2021

This episode features Andrew NcNeile, Chief Customer Officer, ThinScale Technology. Andrew is responsible for sales and marketing operations. His team focuses on helping BPOs deliver endpoint security to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) employees through Secure Remote Worker. Secure Remote Worker allows BPOs to improve...

Sep 24, 2021

On this episode, you'll meet Shep Hyken, a renowned customer service expert and author of eight books, as well as a Hall of Fame speaker. Shep’s latest book is titled I’ll Be Back – How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again and is the focus of this episode.  

Shep learned the importance of taking care of...

Sep 22, 2021

This episode features Tone Holmen, General Manager, and Senior Vice President Operations of Retail & Residential Services. Tone has been with iQor for 21 years, starting as a contact center supervisor. Her career has advanced admirably, and today she oversees global operations for several lines of business, including 

Sep 20, 2021

Dan Gingiss is an accomplished marketer. His career marketing experience includes roles at Discover Card, McDonald's, and Humana. The common thread among those experiences for Dan is learning that when an experience is remarkable, a customer tells others about the experience with enthusiasm, which is the holy grail of...

Sep 15, 2021

In this episode, we feature Sekou Alleyne, President of InvesTT in Trinidad. InvesTT is a government-run investment promotion agency. iQor has worked with this agency for six years to help set up our nearshore expansion with a sizable workforce in Trinidad, currently numbering more than 1000 people. In this episode,