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Digitally Irresistible

Apr 4, 2024


 Welcome to the latest episode of iQor’s CX Labs Digitally Irresistible podcast where we delve into the world of organizational development with Mark Monaghan, vice president of organizational development at iQor. Mark shares insights on the components of organizational development, as well as heartwarming examples of employees whose careers have been positively impacted by iQor’s leadership training and development programs. 

Investing in employee growth and development through training and mentoring transforms the employee experience, driving a rewarding workplace culture, ongoing employee career growth, and excellent customer experiences. 

Tune in to learn how iQor elevates employee training and mentoring to improve performance and customer satisfaction by cultivating the next generation of leaders to create smile-worthy CX. 


Career Advancement Through Organizational Development  

Mark Monaghan’s career in human resources began about 25 years ago as chief HR officer for another company. He joined iQor about 12 years ago as vice president of corporate training, working with his team to help develop frontline leaders through initiatives such as iQor’s PeaQ Performance Qoaching and sQholars programs. When the department evolved into the Global Learning and Development Department a few years ago, Mark became vice president of organizational development with a focus on career pathing and learning to boost performance and leadership opportunities for iQor’s global workforce. He and his team spearheaded more coaching and mentoring opportunities for future leaders through additional learning initiatives such as the iLead Program with a leadership competency model focused on tasks and responsibilities connected to individual roles.  

The Building Blocks of Development 

The heart of iQor's organizational development strategy lies in its leadership competency model, which categorizes employees based on their leadership roles and provides specific competencies aligned to each level, from leading oneself to leading a team to leading a department to leading a vision. Each category has five Lominger Competencies aligned to it. For instance, leading a team involves developing direct reports as one of the competencies. The organizational development department has mapped learning to each competency. 

This model forms the backbone of various programs and workshops orchestrated to support employee growth and development. One of the flagship initiatives is the sQholars Program, which aims to groom entry-level employees for higher leadership roles within iQor. 

This program has been instrumental in nurturing talent like Cheyenne, a success story from the financial services vertical. Starting as a sQholar in 2019, Cheyenne progressed from agent to assistant manager in the operations department by embracing iQor’s servant leadership model. 


Another successful financial services sQholar is Michelle, who strengthened her communications and coaching skills to become an assistant manager in operations thanks to the guidance and support she received.  


Another notable initiative, the LevelUp Program, prepares supervisors for higher managerial positions and equips them with skills and competencies to thrive in leadership roles.  

Interactive LevelUp training sessions empower employees to engage effectively and learn proactively. LevelUp participant Jovi's promotion to assistant manager stands as a testament to the department's commitment to nurturing internal talent and preparing them for leadership roles.  

The PeaQ Performance Qoaching Workshop focuses on empowering supervisors to identify critical behaviors and coach their teams effectively, contributing to overall performance improvement. These programs, along with others like learning compliance and employee evaluation support, are all part of the larger global learning department and reflect iQor's commitment to nurturing and developing its talent pool.   

No matter which program employees participate in, iQor’s commitment to award-winning training and organizational development has built career paths that have supported the journeys of many iQor employees from agents to senior managers and senior vice presidents. 


A Client-Centric Approach  

Key to the success of organizational development at iQor is a client-centric approach, which prioritizes collaboration with clients to gain valuable insights and feedback. By understanding clients’ specific needs and challenges, organizational development can tailor programs to align with the clients values while upholding iQor's organizational values. 

The transparent and collaborative partnership between iQor and its clients fosters customization, ensuring that learning programs meet the unique needs of clients while enhancing the skills and capabilities of employees. This collaborative approach exemplifies iQor's commitment to delivering irresistible customer experiences through empowered and skilled employees. 

Customization Is the Future of Organizational Development  

Looking ahead, the future of organizational development at iQor is poised for innovation and growth. Mark expresses excitement about securely leveraging AI to enhance coaching and mentorship programs, envisioning a personalized learning experience that meets employees at their individual needs. 

This forward-thinking approach aligns with the evolving nature of organizational development, emphasizing adaptability and individualized support. The integration of AI to support coaching and employee development reflects iQor's commitment to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. By harnessing AI's capabilities, the organizational development department aims to further enhance the effectiveness and impact of its initiatives, contributing to employee growth.   


Growing Leaders From Within 

The organizational development department at iQor stands as a beacon of transformation and growth, driving the career trajectories of employees through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships with clients, and a forward-looking approach to employee development and engagementIt empowers employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences, setting a high standard for excellence and making iQor a Great Place to Work®.  

The stories of Cheyenne, Michelle, Jovi, and many others exemplify the profound impact of a supportive culture, showcasing the potential for individual growth and advancement. As iQor looks to the future, a commitment to personalized, AI-enhanced programs signals a promising direction for employee development and empowerment. With a focus on continuous learning, collaboration, and adaptability, organizational development at iQor shapes the careers of employees and makes iQor a leader in talent development and customer experience delivery that creates smiles. 

To chat with Mark about iQor’s organizational development initiatives, connect with him on LinkedIn. 


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